Tonia Merz
Fashion design graduate

Born in 1974 in Heidelberg, Germany.


Started an education in fashion in Bruchsal close to Heidelberg. 3 years of vocational college for “Fashion and Design”.


Graduated as a „state certified fashion design assistant” and moved to Berlin. Started education at the Polytechnic of Technic and Economics, studying fashion-design.


6-month working visit in London, England. Internship with Velda Lauder, one of England’s leading corset designers. Second internship with Murray & Vern, an internationally acclaimed latex designer duo. These companies, as well as London’s young, fresh, innovative and stylish fetish scene influenced Tonia Merz’ work immensely and lead to the decision to gear her work towards this niche market.


Completed her studies in Berlin and started to work intensively with the corset theme in form of custom-made corsets. Prepared her diploma theme: “Laced up – a collection inspired by the corset”.


Graduated from the Polytechnic of Technic and Economics as a state certified fashion-designer.


Founding of the TO.mTO Berlin brand (June 2002)