TO.mTO Berlin
Crossing borders between fetish and fashion

Since 2002 TO.mTO Berlin has been passionately producing corsets for ladies and especially also for gentlemen right in the heart of Berlin.

The reasons for wearing a corset in the 21st century are so multifaceted, people’s tastes so different and physics so individual that you our customers can’t be allocated to target group and won’t be satisfied with a classical fashion product line. To support our customer’s uniqueness, we therefore offer our products in a modular system, which consists of different patterns, materials and elements of design.

It doesn’t matter which body shape you have, if you want your corset for a wedding ceremony or for the next fetish party, if you want to wear it in public, just in private or if you want to cross gender borders. All we want is to create a corset in cooperation with you that fits exactly to your needs and in which you will feel comfortable. Because the corset will only enhance the beauty of those people who feel comfortable wearing it!

However, there are limits even to our creativity. We can only realise ideas, if they are practical! It is not enough for a corset to have a beautiful design, but also to function properly. Especially when we are talking about phantasies, the aspect of functioning is often neglected.

A further credo of our business is our extremely high quality standard. Genuine lacing corsets which form the body visibly are exposed to tremendous tension. Therefore our corsets are produced in that way that you will be able to enjoy them for a very long time even if you were them frequently. We only use high quality fabrics; we work with metal boning and use only nickel-free eyes. Our customers come back, because they want to buy an additional corset, not because their old one is not wearable anymore! Even if your favourite corset should be worn out one day, we will always try to revamp it!

The only reason that we can offer this service is, is because we don’t have our products manufactured abroad, but manufacture every single piece in our own TO.mTO Berlin based workshop, checking all the processes before the corset leaves our premises. That might explain why our corsets are a little investment. But surely you won’t regret your decision!

The following page will display our articles which all have been design and produced by us. As our range of product is still growing, we are going to consistently add more and more products and the near and far future. If you are interested in receiving updated product information we will gladly send you style sheets of new articles to expand this brochure.

But first of all, we like to explain our company policy to you and provide you with useful, general information!

Quality is our top concern!

We produce all of our products ourselves to have, at any point in time, the direct control over the high quality standards that we created. All corsets are made of high quality materials. All metal bits are made of stainless steel and all metal bits which come in contact with the skin, are also nickel free. We only use high quality steel springs or coil springs.

The fabrics used are also of the highest quality, the manufacturing is done in a stable manner using our expert know-how. We especially focus on an excellent fit and fashionable design. We want our customers to enjoy their corsets and outfits for a very long time and wear them with pleasure.

Therefore we offer almost all corsets in two upper body lengths. Long standing experiences show that women – independently from their body size – are built quite differently in this area of the body. The introduction of our size system enables 95% of all women to obtain a well-fitting, ready-made corset. Currently, this provided service is unique on a world-wide scale!